I know its not easy, so why am I trying to convince myself otherwise? I’ve been following self-centred motivational speakers for about a year or two, reading hundreds of those stupid – 10 steps to be, 14 ways to get – lists made up for clicks only. I’ve even shed a tear or two listening to songs like I’m waiting for the words to transport me there… THERE, where I want be so bad. But like Joseph Campbell once said, “The cave we fear to enter holds, the treasure that we seek”.

“The cave we fear to enter holds, the treasure that we seek”

We all have something we desperately want to do, learn or create, yet we rarely talk about it. One part of our mind keeps lying to the other because we want to avoid pain. We fear that what we picture-what we create in mind’s eye-will not amount to the reality of our achievement. This fear of failure and more often utter disappointment, inhibits us from even trying. Condemning us to live forever within our dreams, instead of allowing ourselves the chance to pursue the possibilities of making these dreams a reality. We all know the story of Icarus, the man whose dreams lead to his own demise. The story that teaches us never to reach too high and remain with our heads out of the clouds and feet firmly on the ground. The ground, where we are safe, where we are comfortable.

Three years ago I made a huge decision. The decision to move out of my mother’s place, in my small Quebec hometown, to Shanghai. All of this in hopes of becoming an artist worthy of the name. I met a lot of people, mentors, learned new techniques and matured enough to see things clearer. I’ve looked behind me and realised I accomplished a lot unconsciously. I’m 26, have created some toys that have sold around the world and worked on some really cool movies, yet I still inexplicably feel behind in a way and I’m trying not only to reveal but also eliminate this insecurity.

So I’m putting the first foot (consciously this time), in front of the other. I’m getting rid of the fear, aware of what I went through and making sure I keep moving. By working on this blog, even though I haven’t written anything since college and English is not my first language, my hopes are to reach likeminded people and maybe make some friends. It’s my testimony of action, the collection of my thoughts, multiple travel tips, information I gather about growing a business and most importantly a documentation of my growth as a person. I am just like you, leaving where I am, heading to where I want to be.